Elizabeth Warren boldly tells America what is really happening behind the scenes in Washington, is anyone listening? We’re going to Dallas Cowboys camp for joint practices with the soon to be Los Angeles Rams. We take a moment for a tangent on the difference between middle America and the edges. Joe tries to get us to join Minecraft. John interacted with a homeless deficator at a famous location where a scene from First Timers was shot. He also has concerns about the microchip activated in his debit card. Social Casting is moving on to round 4, we’ve been announcing which actors are moving on one day at a time.

Kris wrote a blog this week about his thoughts on social casting and what other filmmakers can take from it. He also forced Joe and John to listen to a recent Elizabeth Warren speech that every person should watch. She went as far as humanly possible to boldly declare that big money has broken our government and we’re quickly reaching a point of no return. The abovetopsecret story of the week is Larry Nichols Admits To Killing People For The Clintons. Tall people versus short people. Plastic surgery is a disaster more often than not. Free Masons and Majestic 12 are close to Gratwick Films.