Gratcast has it’s first guest this week as Filmmaker/Entrepreneur Siri Borgen joins the show. Siri gives Joe and Kris a rundown of her typical week and a little information about some of the things she’s working on for the Just Drive project. Joe’s day included a drug test he boldly flew in the face of on instagram moments later while Kris worked this week on the logo for the #ALLIn4Kids event.

It’s all about Siri in our second segment this week. Siri tells about her siblings and her upbringing in a household where both her parents have had long careers with JPL.  This leads Kris and Joe to bombard Siri with questions about Ancient Aliens and belief. A tangent about the Cosmic War theory and how the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter is a result of an exploded planet formally known as Krypton.  Bringing it back around, Siri talks about her thesis film ‘The Death and Life of Norman Bailey’ and how she got started on her artistic path.

In our final segment the trio discusses their thoughts on the new Star Wars trailer, Joe has issues with Han’s wardrobe and Kris is really hoping that Hans has been in that bar on Tattoine reliving the glory days for the past 30 years.  Kris schools Siri on Swingers and the follow up Made which has the greatest cameo of all time in Screech. But Joe has a personal story regarding Screech that might rival the cameo.