Special Guest Tonight is Buffalo Native Brett Prusinski

Kris is back from his WNY trip to finalize plans for “A Night To Inspire”. His successful trip locked in new sponsors for the fundraising event such as Labatt’s Blue and Pure Still! VIP Tickets will be on sale next week and the free general admission ticket waiting list will begin.

Brett started as a young filmmaker and then made the leap to the music industry. We asked many questions and he was happy to spill the beans about: – You started as a filmmaker, how did the crossover come about?
– What experiences as a filmmaker have helped your music career?
– Which one of your songs hits closest to home?
– Your 2/3 of the way to a triple threat, any itch to act as well?
– Which brings you more joy, rocking the stage or running your own set?
– What can we expect from your performance at the event? – Where did you get the inspiration for your stage name? – Did you always want to do this type/genre of music? Is there another genre of music you would like to do? Like how some country go to pop? – Is there any movie you were watching and thought to yourself that one of your songs would be perfect for that scene?

Em’s Corner: Murder Mystery Game Night details

Discord Questions:

  • How do you plan on spending the weekend after the “Night to Inspire”? Relaxing or right back to the grind?
  • With so much going on with the launch party, outreach, meetings and travel, has it been hard to manage your work/home life?
  • When are we going to start filming something!?

Bullet Blitzes:

  • In Japan, every new emperor gets to name his new imperial era. The newest one has been announced as Reiwa meaning order and harmony. What would yours be?
  • The Gamer who swatted an online player from Call of Duty- or thought he did- was recently sentenced to 20 years in prison. Do you think that is an appropriate sentence considering he didn’t pull the trigger, just made the false call with info provided by another gamer, that resulted in police shooting someone who was just answering his door? Should the other gamer, who gave the false address knowing a Swatting was going to be sent, be an accessory and punished too? What about the police who shot the man who was just answering his door – sans a weapon?
  • Would you rather: act in a commercial or music video?
  • Would you rather go to Mars or Orion’s Belt ( and no return trip to Earth)?

You can find & follow Brett’s awesomeness at http://www.conscious716.com Twitter: @conscious_716; Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1TxFmh4Hml0nvsUYAuvLtw Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/Conscious716

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