Our last week before our live road show from Dallas Cowboys camp. Next week we be at Cowboys Training camp heckling the Rams and Cowboys during a joint practice. Joe has a hard talk about proper Uber etiquette regarding where you should sit in a strangers car. John has joined instagram and he does Jhonalism. Social Casting concludes tonight with live round four chemistry reads. It’s time to decide together who we cast for Just Drive. Speaking of social movements Bernie Sanders is doing it right while Black Lives Matter’s, or the rando’s that decided they speak for BLM, are doing it wrong.

Kris spent an hour laying in a yard in the middle of Los Angeles trying to see the meteor shower, he’s not sure if he saw one or the first fire fly in LA in over a decade. In our ATS subject of the week learn that a study has proven a link between selfies and psychopaths. Geno Smith is done in NY and the Bills are looking good, minus a QB.