Week in Review:

– Power went out last week during the show and again over the weekend due to high winds & fires.
– Andrea has been working all weekend at Blizz Con and last week at NBA Season Opener show – which is why she wasn’t on the last show.
– Harvey was seen out and about at a comedy show for Artists by Artist and comedian Kelly Bachman had the courage to speak out.
– The campaign is rolling along.

Gratwick Section:

We posted a thread on Twitter bout how we’re going to build an Esports arena.

Main Topic:

– BillsMafia Shirt designed by the amazing artist Ken Newton!
– Pancho Art Contest

Discord Section:

Samantha asks: How much more public outrage will it take for Harvey Weinstein to realize he’s not welcome anymore?

Bullet Blitzes:

– 3D printers, if you could reprint something over and over what would it be?
– We just watched Dolemite, what is the next new movie you want to see?
– Kris is headed to Vegas this weekend to meet Greg and play some poker, what’s the one bet you want me to make for you?
-Since we will be apart for our 1st Halloween, how will Kris celebrate the night in Vegas?

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