“A Night to Inspire” is next week!

Kris spills the beans about why Gratwick chose YA-WNY to benefit from the brand launch in WNY. John Singleton passed away and Andrea’s birthday was last weekend and she tells a little about what she did to celebrate.

We discuss how the arts and entertainment have influenced the paths our lives wandered down. The WGA vs ATA battle is explained and sides are taken!

Em’s Corner:

Avengers: End Game was released last weekend. Kris, Andrea, and Emily all saw it and try to discuss the movie without giving any spoilers! Emily finally tells us about the Comic-Con where she met the main guys from RDR2!

Bullet Blitzes:

  • If you were going to be drinking all day, should you start with beer or wine?
  • Dean Winters, All-State Insurance Commercial guy & brother from Rescue Me, said he died for 5 minutes back in 2009. What was your closest near-death experience?

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