Meet Father/Daughter Writing Duo

Andrea holds down the fort in L.A. and Kris discloses details from his NY adventures with other writers and many positive meetings. We are joined by Father/Daughter writing team John and Destiny Constantin. They published their first book “The Journey With Dad” 2013 and have a followed up with a couple more. Destiny is in Graduate School while working on the sequel to her young adults series. You can find their books at Barnes & Nobles and discover more about their collaboration and stories at; facebook:;twitter @constantinsbook .

Em’s Corner: Gridfam worked and she is back! Emily spills the beans about her big surprise for her mom: Tickets to Hell’s Kitchen and Donny and Marie Osmond concert. Murder Mystery Game Night will be quite intricate with individual puzzles that will come together for the ultimate clue. This coming weekend the players will get their character descriptions.

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