Former athlete turned charismatic Actor Roemello Nelson In Studio

Pay attention this week because Roemello is an actor you want to keep an eye on with many upcoming projects. He started in Philadelphia and moved to NJ before he took the big leap to LA when he was 18. Roemello tells us how he was lucky enough to have a supportive family that encouraged him to chase his dreams, even when it meant moving to the other side of the country. He was asked: which real person he would like to portray; how he got into acting; if he could work with any director who would it be: now and when he first moved out to LA at 18; and what is his “go-to” movie.

The guys get deep when they discuss L.A., the entertainment industry, #metoo, and racism.

Discord Questions:

  • What do you think the theme of the Murder Mystery game night will be?
  • What’s the last movie you watched?
  • What is a book you’ve reread the most?

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