John is still out, but Andrea is here with her snuggie to keep his seat warm.

This is the 1st week of the new segment: Em’s Corner with hostess Emily B. Guests are lined up through March including some of our #BuffaloStarSearch nominees.

This episode an extremely talented singer/songwriter, Paris Calibur, was our special guest and we picked her brains: -What is the first song you wrote? What inspired you to write that song? – Was there a specific song that made the light go off? – Was your family supportive with your creative career plans or did anyone try to talk you out of it? – Do you have a routine when you want to write? – Who is your biggest inspiration and why? – If you could go back in time and meet one of your heroes, who would it be? – How do you feel about social media since you haven’t really been involved on Fb or Twitter?

Discord Questions:

Guilty Pleasures, we all have them. What are your favorite guilty pleasures; A.) Movie B.) Show C.) Snack

Em’s Corner:

Getting to know Emily, movies, games, and the gauntlet was thrown for next week’s topic of Xbox vs PS4.

Em’s Corner question from Siobhan: Knowing you’re a big Disney fan what are A.) your all time favorite Disney movie, B.) your favorite when you were a kid, C.) the one you’d like/hate to see remade. *** answered on Discord server –

Bullet Blitzes:

  • Worlds Healthiest Countries – Spain #1, Italy #2, and US #35. What can US do to improve their status?
  • Streaming Wars- CBS, Showtime, HBO, Disney and WarnerMedia unveil services in 2019 and NBCUniversal debuts its entry in 2020.problem is, each time an entity goes it alone, it enters a crowded field while potentially forgoing its share of the roughly $5 billion Netflix spends annually to license content. Then there’s the estimated $4 billion Amazon could spend, $1 billion from Facebook, and so on. Do you think the big companies will change their minds about separate streaming services?
  • March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb, what is another saying about the weather that you can think of?
  • Mel B said Lady Gaga broke the women’s code when she made “love eyes” at Bradley Cooper during their steamy Oscars performance while the mother of Bradley’s child sat in the front row? Damn good performance or women code violation?

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