A whole new world has opened up for our broadcasts.

Gratwick Executive Vice President Mike Dirmyer joins the show as our first remote guest through Gridfam.com. Max’s fight club is up and running as well. We are building a sponsor deck for our brand launch event.

Main Topic – Kris installed windows on Mac and suddenly all the same programs run more efficiently and offer deeper features.

Discord Questions

Bullet Blitz

  • (K) Which is worse a missed call
    that determines a championship or replaying
    a championship as the make up call?
  • (J) Do you think the chips in the bank cards
    and the 3 digit security code actually help in any
  • (K) Ghostbusters 3 is finally coming, what
    would be your ideal storyline?
  • (J) Do you know how much the traffic cops
    get paid? TRIPLE TIME!
  • (J)What’s the most money you’ve made per hour
    or in one day?
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