The guys introduce you to the new studio! 

Gratcast will be making some time for live guests and will figure out how to talk to remote guests.Tournament Broadcasts are also coming.
Gratwick Productions has signed two creators, Robert Bexar of Geek Haven and Malek Haneen of Aqua Autem Vita. Kris recaps the week in Buffalo with the Codes Socks Party, a Blockchain meet-up, and meeting with Local Creators before the Monday Night Football Bills vs Patriots game. The plan for a studio in Buffalo is revealed.

Bullet Blitzes

  • What is the most interesting ‘giant-sized’ item/art piece/structure you’ve seen?
  • Should we have a new backdrop every week or the same one from behind the Hollywood sign?
  • Were you a fan on Vanilla Ice?
  • Who should be our first guest?
  • Would you purchase Uber snacks?

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