Sound bite culture is the real cause of turmoil in America.

Gratcast is back! We’ve been away for two years, but we could not stay away forever. One of the originals is back to co-host this season. The world has changed quite a bit during our absence. Hollywood is experiencing a reckoning. Trump is President. What is the one thing an egomaniac could do to make everyone who hates him be forced to admit how great he is? Do you Q? Kris explains the Q phenomenon.

The Bills finally drafted a franchise QB in Josh Allen, but is Kris sold on him? How should we look at all these sexual complaints coming out twenty years later? The GML had cancer so we had to put er down. We are starting a marketing company and we need a name! What better marketing could an expansion franchise like the Golden Knights ask for with an inaugural Stanley cup run? Finally, Kris believes Rasmus Dahlin will win every Stanley cup from next season forward, even if he has to go up against a couple of tiny Ditkas.

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